Our quality based culture along with our control procedures allow us early detection of any deviation from specification.


Our team believes that communication both internally and externally is the key to delivering precise and accurate parts.


We believe in making precise and accurate parts, rather than just within specification

Our organization is committed to providing excellent Quality & Service to meet and exceed all of our customers requirements. This is achieved using the latest Hardware/Software technologies, documented procedures and monitoring of our measurable objectives, which allows us to continually improve our Quality Management System.

The Seller (aka external provider) agrees to establish and maintain a quality management system that is in compliance with International Standards (ISO9000 or SAE-AS9100 with or without exclusions, as applicable to the context of the external provider). Third party registration by an accredited registrar will be accepted. External providers declaring system compliance to international standards without third party accreditation are subject to review and approval at all times by Vantage.

The Seller/External Provider agrees to establish and maintain an inspection system that meets International Standards (see Q-1) for ensuring conformity of products and meet the requirements of relevant interested parties. Seller agrees that the inspection system will also provide for the maintenance of records and data of all inspection and tests performed and agrees to make such records available for examination and verification by Buyer upon request. Seller/External Provider (Laboratories) for Testing and Calibration services agree to establish and maintain a monitoring and measuring device calibration program conforming to the requirements of the elements described in ISO17025. Third party registration by an accredited registrar will be accepted. No claims of compliance without third party registration will be accepted unless the external provider is on Vantage’s customer’s ASL for the relevant process.

All items covered by this purchase order are subject to surveillance by Buyer, to include but not limited to, the Seller’s procedures and facilities. The Seller also agrees; to provide acceptable facilities and equipment to allow Buyer to conduct surveillance; supply data as needed to fulfill the surveillance function and to perform testing as required by the applicable documentation.

All items covered by this purchase order require inspection, by Buyer, at Seller’s facilities prior to shipment. The Seller agrees to furnish, at no cost to VAI, acceptable facilities and equipment necessary to perform the required inspections. Evidence of source inspection shall accompany each shipment of goods or material.

Acceptance of production tooling on this Purchase Order shall be contingent upon inspection and acceptance by Buyer. The tooling and dimensional samples produced by this tooling must conform to the tolerance limits of engineering drawings and specifications as stated on any applicable attachments to this contract. Seller agrees that inspection shall be conducted by Buyer’s Quality Assurance representative at a reasonable place and time as per direction of Buyer. Seller agrees that at Buyer’s discretion it will produce and furnish to Buyer dimensional samples that will be traceable to the tool number(s) used to produce the samples.

First article must be accepted by Buyer prior to production via Buyer’s established Quality Assurance procedures unless written authorization to proceed is given by Buyer. Seller agrees to provide objective evidence of conformance with all applicable requirements prior to acceptance of First Article(s) by Buyer.

Each shipment must be accompanied by two (2) reproducible copies of a Certificate of Conformance signed by an authorized representative of the Seller. The Certificate of Conformance shall; identify the material; list applicable documents by number and revision; and state that the material meets all applicable requirements.

The Seller agrees to certify that objective evidence, in the form of chemical test reports, physical test reports, material data and/or process test data, is on file and directly traceable to the parts produced or to the appropriate processes. The Seller agrees to maintain the objective evidence for a minimum of five (10) years and agrees to make available such evidence for review by Buyer or designee on request.

Each shipment shall be accompanied by material certifications of performance that state that the items have been produced in accordance with applicable requirements and that specific data of other applicable objective evidence is available to Buyer, or designee, for review on request.

Each shipment shall be accompanied by three (2) reproduceable copies of reports of actual tests with results traceable to the material shipped. These reports shall contain the signature and title of the authorized representative of the agency performing the test and must assure conformance to specification requirements.

External Providers for Non Destructive Testing (NDT) agree to maintain technicians with the appropriate accreditation and certification. Laboratory personnel performing NDT inspection or interpretation shall be subject to examination, including but not limited to eye exams, and certification by a relevant authority. Personnel performing NDT shall be subject to periodic evaluation and examination in order to maintain an appropriate level of competency and/or expertise in the relevant NDT procedure and acceptance of product.

The most recent revisions of MIL-STD-1523 and ANA Bulletin 438 are incorporated herein by reference, to the extent applicable.
Seller agrees to separately mark and identify each item, package or storage container holding limited-calendar-life material with the manufacture date of the material, storage requirement(s) for such material, special handling condition(s) for the material, and the date of expiration, in addition to any other applicable identification requirements. The identification shall include all special handling requirements and Seller agrees to record such requirements on all applicable certifications and shipping documents.
Seller agrees to ensure that any limited-calendar-life material to be furnished under this contract shall not have exceeded twenty percent (20%) of its shelf life when received by Buyer.

A) The Seller agrees to furnish date of cure, part name and number, component number and manufacture’s identification (if different from part number) for rubber parts (synthetic or natural) installed in assemblies delivered under this contract. This information shall be identifiable with the assembly, and when applicable, component parts within the assembly to which it applies. The assembly date shall be marked on each assembly on an attached tag.
B) Upon shipment of an assembly incorporating Limited-Calendar-Life material that does not require age control after installation (e.g. adhesives, resins, plastic base paints, etc.), Seller agrees to furnish three (3) reproducible copies of a certification stating that the Limited-Calendar-Life material was properly controlled prior to use and within the shelf-life period when incorporated. The certification shall contain the signature and title of an authorized representative of the Seller.

The Seller agrees to notify Buyer of any change to the product, precursor material, process, finish, dimension or tolerance. Such notification shall be made in writing and prior to product manufacture.

Seller agrees to package all items to be supplied under this contract utilizing best commercial practice unless specifically requested otherwise per any other clause of this contract.

All items listed on this Purchase Order shall be packaged in accordance with the following indicated specifications and/or procedures.

As used herein the word “distributor” means any source other than the manufacturer, the word “Government” means the United States Government, its agencies, departments or authorized representatives, as applicable.
Procurement traceability JAN marked devices shall be confirmed by documentation to the Government or to users with Government contracts or subcontractors regardless of whether the devices are procured directly from the manufacturer or from another source such as a distributor. When other sources are involved, their documentation shall be in addition to and include that provided by the manufacturer and previous distributor. This documentation shall include at a minimum, the following
A) 1. Manufacturer’s name and address
2. Customer’s or distributor’s name and address
3. Devise type and product assurance level (i.e. JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS):
4. Lot Date Code (including assembly plant code)
5. Inspection date or latest re-inspection date
6. Quantity of devices in shipment from manufacturer
7. Authorized signature and date of transaction
B) Distributor documentation for each distributor
1. Distributor’s name and address
2. Customer’s name and address
3. Quantity of devices in shipment
4. Latest reinspection date, if applicable
5. Certification that this shipment is a part of the shipment covered by the manufacturer's documentation
6. Authorized signature and date of transaction
C) The Seller agrees that its quality control and/or inspection system and manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification and analysis by authorized Government representatives.

A) Government inspection is required prior to shipment from your plant. Upon receipt of this order, Seller agrees to promptly notify the Government representative who normally services Seller’s plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished.
B) Seller agrees to furnish a copy of this contract and all applicable attachment to The Government Representative who normally services Seller’s plant, or if none, to the Government inspection office or DOD inspection agency. Seller agrees to promptly inform Buyer if the appropriate Government representative or office cannot be located, contacted or otherwise identified.
C) The Seller agrees that its quality control and/or inspection system and manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification and analysis by authorized Government representatives.

Seller agrees that Material Review Board (MRB) authority is retained by Buyer and agrees to maintain positive control of nonconforming material at his facility. Seller agrees not to ship nonconforming material without prior written approval from Buyer. For any approved shipment of nonconforming material, Seller agrees to provide documentation, at time of shipment, detailing the nonconformance(s). Additionally, Seller agrees to provide a statement of corrective action that addresses: cause of nonconformance(s); action taken or planned to prevent recurrence of nonconformance(s) and the effectivity of corrective action taken or planned.

Seller/External Provider agrees to maintain a counterfeit prevention program and counterfeit mitigation program. The counterfeit program(s) shall include actions to take, such as mutilation of parts. Or material, until rendered useless, when it is suspected of being counterfeit or confirmed as counterfeit. Excess material, parts, or prior revision parts must be part of the counterfeit prevention and mitigation program. Obsolete or discontinued tooling are to have all identification marks and tags removed so as to ensure no traceability to a part number, product or company name. The tool must then be mutilated, cut or torched, as appropriate, into multiple pieces until unidentifiable and rendered useless prior to its disposal. A certificate or affidavit of mutilation and disposal, signed and dated by a person of authority, shall be provided to the Buyer. NOE (Q-21) applies in the event that parts shipped or delivered are suspected or confirmed as counterfeit.

In the event that seller discovers that nonconforming product was shipped in error, or a nonconformity is discover after delivery of product(s), seller shall notify buyer within two days of said discovery. Positive identification, i.e. part number, lot, quantity and ship date shall be included. Seller shall not exercise, nor is awarded MRB authority. Seller further agrees to notify buyer, within ten days, of any changes in product and/or process, changes in suppliers, changes of manufacturing facility and obtain appropriate approval(s) from buyer.

The Seller’s acceptance of this contract and subsequent shipment to Buyer shall constitute a warranty that the manufacturer of material described herein has been granted qualification by the Defense Supply Agency (DSA) (or its successor) in accordance with applicable military specifications and accordingly shall appear on the Quality Products List (QPL) (or its equivalent if the QPL has been superceded or obviated.

Seller agrees that its quality control, and/or inspection system and all manufacturing processes are subject to review, verification and analysis by authorized representative of VAI or its customers. Either during pre-production, post production, production and failure item review after completion of production.

Sellers shall maintain quality records of supplied goods, products or services for a minimum of ten (10) years following shipment of goods. Records shall be legible, easily retrievable and safeguarded from damage and, or loss.

All Sellers who supply fabrication materials / raw materials for Boeing Products shall forward a copy of the Boeing Approval Notice that is applicable to the certification of conformance required by this purchase order; that is traceable to the specified BAC/BMS/BSS Specifications.

All Boeing Special Processes must be accompanied by Boeing Approval and must list Code Number Identification and traceability with current listings.

Persons are to be aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, their contribution to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.

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